“The rule for all of us is perfectly simple. Do not waste time bothering whether you 'love' your neighbour; act as if you did. As soon as we do this we find one of the great secrets. When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love him. “
—Mere Christianity

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Full Circle...

Someone I know (a missionary to China) once said that when you are traveling down God's path it sometimes looks like it is going all over the place, but when you stop and look back it is a straight line...

Who would have guessed...  10 1/2 years ago while working on an airplane, I slipped and broke my leg...badly!  My first reaction while lying on the hanger floor (after looking down and seeing my foot pointing in the wrong direction) was to look up through the wing of the airplane and say to God "Well I guess this day's not going the way I thought it was going to, so whatever the adventure is, I'm ready for it."

 So the ambulance came and they took me to Loma Linda Hospital where I spent very many hours waiting until I met this wonderful Christian surgeon who took very good care of me.

The same hospital I had two surgeries and three stays at...

This lead to an endless stream of appointments, which, of course, meant hours and hours in waiting rooms.  So Candy brought her puppet to entertain the children in the waiting room.  She was quite a hit.  My doctor told her she should volunteer over at Child Life at Loma Linda Children's Hospital.  She said "Huh?"  So he explained it, and she went and signed up.   (Same hospital building, different wing.)

Who would have guessed...  that she worked there helping children cope with the whole hospital experience.  Spending countless hours on the Peds unit.  The very place that 10 1/2 years later our granddaughter is at this very moment.  All because of my broken leg.  A full circle...  (And, yes Race, a full circle can be a straight line!)

Did God know this ten years ago?  You betcha!!

Grammy singing little Reagan to sleep.  (Yes, I did steal this picture off Shauna's blog, but since I took it, I'm entitled!!)



  1. Found your blog through my husband - Race - I saw your beautiful baby Reagan's picture on my sister-in-law's blog (didn't know who she belonged to though till I came here), she just caught my eye - we too have a Reagan, only it's a HE and he has an identical twin!! Love the name. Great post - I am always saying to Race how amazing it is that we are where we are - never would have dreamed of turning into who we are today - sometimes I do feel all over the place - life is definately an adventure with God as the driver!! So glad I found your blog!

  2. very well said!! Prayers for Reagan, and hugs for her family.

  3. I had forgotten how that came about! And you didn't mention that's how we met our special needs expert who has been such a well-spring of advise :)

  4. OK Shauna, I'll fill in the rest of the circle. Because Candy worked in Child Life, she met and became good friends with a girl who worked there who also became good friends with Shauna and is, indeed, the very helpful special needs expert that Shauna mentioned in her blog post. If I didn't break my leg, she wouldn't be in our lives to be such a help and friend through this whole process.

  5. Lori, welcome. Now I understand better Race's asking where Reagan's name came from. Have you visited Shauna's blog yet? After all, she IS the mom. :-)

  6. No, haven't visited Shauna's blog - will go there now!! Thx;)